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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My beginning vent-LOSS

For almost 8 months now I have been trying to have a baby, we have gotten pregnant twice, and both times lost our precious little one. I have friends who say at least I know I can get pregnant. Yes because it is so much easier then being infertile, to have your baby DIE! I get so angry; this is my anger issue I am working on right now. Yes I have the ability to get pregnant but my babies die, tell me someone, how is it better to not be able to give life to your children then to not being able to conceive. They are both horrible things to deal with, my pain should be no less then someone else’s. The saddest thing is my heart breaks for the ones that are still trying to get pregnant, but yet they have no pain for me when my heart is shattered.  So lesson of the day learned here, NEVER tell someone at least they can get pregnant. The babies that die are wanted and loved and it breaks me when they die. So many people think I am so strong, only my true friends know that I am broken into a million pieces. And for them I am so thankful.