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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coupon Craze!!

So I have learned the art of couponing, or I am trying to thanks to some lovely ladies on BBC and some of my friends!
My biggest shopping trip so far is below take a look!!

For all 3 purchases today my total was 109.78 and I paid Out Of Pocket (OOP) 49.14 (MQ Manufacture Coupon) (ECB = Extra Care Bucks)

 First Transaction
the $25 baby deal for $10ECB (this week only)
1 216 ct Huggies wipes 6.00
1 Similac 22oz $ 22.00 
Total 28.00 plus tax
Minus 13.00 ECB
$3 off a $15 baby purchase
1.50 MQ for the wipes and a $5 Similac check OOP with tax $7.59
Plus $10 ECB back which I rolled into the next transaction
 transaction #2

Pantene 2/$6.97 Sale
Toms Mouth wash $3.49 Sale
2 Colgate 7oz $2.79 each Sale
1 Huggies Jumbo 40 ct $8.99 Sale
1 Huggies Jumbo 36 ct size $8.99 3 Sale
1 Huggies P&N 33ct $8.99 Sale
Total 43.21 Plus tax
$10 ECB
11.50 MQs
OOP 25.11 plus $10 ECB for next time!

Grocery Store: Country Mart
Mayo Xs 2 @ 5.49 each
Yoplait 4ct at $2.39
2 Kraft Dressings $3.39 each
Kraft Mozz chees Shred $4.19
Kraft Mnt Jack Slices $4.19
 7.5 oz Chex Mix bags 2.79 each
Total $38.57 plus tax
Total Coupons $4.00 
Store Doubled Coupons $4.00
Store Card Savings $14.13
OOP 16.44

I feel so proud and I saved my family money! I cannot wait till the next coupons come out!! WOOT!! SO BTW if you don't use yours and want send them my way, feel free!! ;-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

12 weeks 2 days!

And loving life! Ok ok, so I have had the most horrible migraines the past week, I couldn't even go to work the past 2 days. But I did lay in bed a lot so thats a plus right!!??

I am starting to pop a bit in my tummy so I am excited about that! The Lovenox seems to be working, that and the hand of God!!
The doc said I hit a blood vessel where the bruise is, but thats ok! I don't mind the bruise as long as my baby is HEALTHY!!!