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Monday, August 8, 2011


    SO SO SO SO many changes! Change is good though! It seems life around me is flying by while I am at a standstill willing this baby to hurry and reach 24 weeks gestation! At 24 weeks they can save a baby's life, and my risk of throwing a blood clot increases with each passing week, so after 24 weeks if a clot is found they can take Baby D out and save our little one! Now of course we are praying that does NOT happen and I feel the Lord has his hand on this little one and that all will be well. But my human side will just be able to breathe a little bit easier!!
    This sweet peanut is moving and kicking daily now, not all day, but most of the morning and the evenings, it is WONDERFUL and I am so head over heels in love with it! We have an ultrasound Wednesday, no we will NOT be finding out the sex, but we will get to see our baby and we will share pictures if we get them!
   My belly is getting nice and bruised up, the Lovenox shots do NOT get better as time goes on, they still HURT everyday, but I smile as I shove that needle into my skin because I know that through this path my baby has a fighting chance at life. I embrace the bruising and the pain both, I just worry sometimes that if someone sees my belly they will think my hubby is beating me! Of course we ALL know he NEVER would hurt anyone but I still giggle thinking theres gonna be that one nurse one time that brings in the social worker to have the "chat"........ Anyways this is more of a rambling post as I am just anxious for Wednesday to know that the baby is measuring well and my fluid is good and so on! SO say your prayers for my Jingle Bell baby and I will update you all Wednesday!!

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