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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

VBAC Hypnobabies Birth Story - WARNING Detailed

December 18, 2011
We had an induction scheduled due to my 2 clotting disorders and being on Heparin. The OBs thought it was safer to deliver at 39 weeks when they could control my meds. I agreed to this know the meds etc can age the placenta and so on.
We were scheduled for 7pm, at 6 pm I called and they were slammed at the moment and said to come at 7:30. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30, checked in and waited about an hour for a room. At about 9pm the OB resident came in and chatted with me about my plan for birth and induction and so forth. We agreed on a Foley bulb placement and a low dose of Pitocin. He was super nice and agreeable to my birthing wishes. I was going in as a VBAC and unmedicated.
Around 10ish they started the pit and decided I was only about 1cm dilated so a foley bulb would have to wait a bit. I was a 1.5 at my last appt and they said that sometimes the head can be pressing down causing more dilation at different times. So we started the Pit by 11. At my first check I was dilated to a 2, the OB resident tried to put the foley bulb in, but I am allergic to Latex and the brand that is latex free just wasn't going in!
My second check rolled around and a different OB resident, she said she wanted to break my water bag and give me an Epi in case I needed a CS, which she wanted to go ahead and schedule. I argued with her about breaking my water and I refused an Epi and CS. She said breaking my water would move things along. I argued that I would not be put on a clock and that it might not move things along and that I was not even in active labor and so NO WAY, I also told her that she hadn't even checked me yet and that she didn't even know how dilated I was, I felt like I was still at a 2 because I hadn't had many contractions the last 4 hours. She agreed and decided to check me. I was still only a 2. So they decided to do nothing but up the Pit dosage. 
At 7am on December 19th, 2011
Shift change and I was assigned a midwife, she was WONDERFUL. She had my pit upped a bit and checked my cervix, I was only about a 2.5 but she managed to get the foley in! The contractions got pretty bad from the foley, something sitting in your cervix does not feel good!! HA! About an hour later she came in to check the foley and out it came, that meant I was a 4!! Woot!! A couple hours later I was having a pretty bad contraction and felt a pop, at first I thought the baby kicked me! BUT all the sudden a gush of water came out, I was on the floor on all fours and made a HUGE mess everywhere! I was at a 5cm! After that things got intense. I was using hypnobabies for my birth and it worked really well, through my labor until about 8cm I was able to color with my daughter, chat with people, and be present in the room yet in hypnosis where I could maintain myself in my bubble of peace and in my happy place. It was pretty wonderful.
After my water broke the contractions started to get harder, longer and closer together. Jeff was shocked, he didn't realize I would be in the floor, on the toilet, over the top of the bed etc, he thought it would be a TV birth where I sat pretty in bed and delivered a baby with a smile. Yeah not going to happen with an unmedicated child birth! So I was in the floor a lot, and suddenly felt very pushy, the only relief through contractions was to push or bear down. The midwife checked me and I was about an 8, she instructed me not to push. About 20 min later I was having a hard time not pushing so she checked again and I was an 8 but could stretch to a 9-10 but had a thick anterior lip still and my cervix was still towards the back. She told me not to push because it could cause swelling and thus cause a Repeat CS. I had to push, so she gave me to option of continuing that way and risking it, or getting an Epi so I could control the pushing urge. I choose the Epi.....which never happened thankfully!! My doula was not going to allow it until I said the code word which I did, FROG FROG FROG! Not pushing when I needed to is the hardest thing I have ever done! 
It was shift change AGAIN. The midwife started fluids before she left and before the epi. While shift change was going on I was in immense discomfort, at this point I didn't do my Hypnobabies, all I could do was try to grunt so I didn't push. I went to the toilet and suddenly got the urge to push so bad, I could not control it, my body did it on its own, this was around 7pm.
Through all of this my Doula was SO wonderful! She helped me stay in hypnosis by saying release to me, it was my best helping word. And she applied hot cloths to my back and belly, rubbed my back, brought blankets and was by my side through it all reminding me to breathe and encouraging me. I would strongly suggest everyone have a doula!
While on the toilet I felt immense burning and just a horrible weird sensation. My epi had not yet arrived, and I began pushing with all my might. I could not stop! My mom went and got the nurse as she could tell by my face something had changed. The nurse checked me on the toilet and I was def a10, anterior but still a small lip, she had me finish my push and then get on the bed and checked me on the bed and I was complete. She picked up the phone called the doc and told him to come now she could feel the head, I didn't have an epi and I was pushing. A few minutes later my room had a TON of people in it, nurses, attending's,  residents and interns. Along with hubby, my mom, sister and Doula. I begin to push. And to my surprise it HURT, I was always told that pushing feels good, ummm not so much I thought it felt like my bones were breaking in to a billion parts. I pushed as best as I could, baby's head crowned and through about 4 contractions I tried to get it out with no luck, then his heart rate dropped and so did mine, the resident lady told me to push, I told her I was not having a contraction and I shoved her hand out of my vagina, or what I thought at the time that she had her fingers in,  IT HURT. Turns out she was rubbing her finger along his head and me trying to stretch me, but she did not tell me a thing! She was the same one who tried to give me a CS that morning, I did NOT trust her at all. The Attending saw what happened and came over and said STOP EVERYONE. Everyone stopped, he looked at me and told me the babys HB was down and I needed to get it out NOW, and to push even though I wasn't contracting and the child birth experience no longer matters, if I didn't push he was giving me an episiodomy and pulling the baby out. His life was at risk, so I shut my eyes and pushed with all my might 3 times and it hurt like nothing I can describe. I thought I might die there for a minute. They put oxygen on me but I could not breathe well enough for it to help at all. My sister was in one ear telling me I could do this, I was made for it, I was doing great, my mother shoved my unspported leg up into my chest, and DH started to beg me to get the baby out, my doula Fran let me squeeze her hand so hard I left a black and blue thumb print on it!. Everyone else was supportive as well and doing things too I just only heard/felt those 4. I Gave one last push and felt the most awful pain and then nothing and opened my eyes to seeing a body coming out of me with a cord looped around the neck and a PENIS! It is a BOY!! They laid him on my chest, delayed cord clamping for a few minutes and let DH cut it. He cried for a minute and then just snuggled into me while I was being stitched up. I delivered the placenta in just a few minutes and it did not hurt at all, it was like a big ball of jelly coming out. plopped out and was over, the stitches hurt, I felt the needle going in twice, I had a second degree tear. But I had my baby on my chest and just breathed him in. He was a PERFECT 8-9 APGAR, 5lbs 14oz, 19 inches, perfect head size and leg length, bright blue eyes, light brown blond hair, and the cutest toes you ever saw! Latched on right away super fast and is a pro at it! He loves to nurse! I love him so so so much and I cry and praise my Lord for making such a perfect little boy just for my family. I am so thankful and so overwhelmed by him. He is a blessing and I just love him so so much! 
I would do it again to get him here, I am soooo glad I did not get and Epi! Hypnobabies rocked and so did my entire support system. It was long hard and brutal but wonderful!!

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