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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spiritual Battle

Well, I have really been slacking on this blog and for ICL week. Some of you may not understand what I am about to talk about, and some of you might. I am just learning myself.
As many of you know I am dedicated to living my life for Jesus, I do not identify as a Christian or any religion. Instead I identify as a fully devoted follower of Christ. I pray daily that my life is proof that He is real and that He is love.
So that said, I have over the years known there is a spiritual world, I had friends in my younger days that were witches, practicing ones.

So for years I have been very aware of a world that exists that we do not see with our physical eyes. The years have gone by and those friends are no more, just a part of my history, a place I once was. They were not "mean" or cruel, they practiced "harm none" witchcraft. (Just to paint an accurate picture of them). Most of my life, as a child and an adult I have had the ability to tell when there is a spirit or demon in the room that just isn't quite right, I can look at a person and feel what they feel, I sense forces of darkness and forces of light. Not always, but at times. I have finally realized this is a spiritual gift that I need to develop. It has sat within for years and now is the time I am being called to use it.
As this last year has unfolded I have become very aware of the spiritual worlds battle field, that battle field is everywhere, right where we sit reading and writing on these blogs even. I have sought meaning and sense of it in the Word of God, my brother in law recommended some really good books to me that I will be reviewing on here soon. I truly realize our battle is NOT against flesh and blood, but literally against darkness, against the forces of evil. I am beginning to notice things everywhere I go, in my home even. In the homes of those I love, attached to those I love, in the work place, in the store and on and on the list goes. When I say "things" I mean forces of darkness, or demons.
Yes, to most this all sounds really weird and I am just learning about it all myself. I have learned satan is very real and he has come to kill, steal and destroy in ways we would never think. We the Church, the body of Christ tend to be blinded. Lets start with our words. The use of words has affected my family in horribly negative ways the past few days. Or more importantly my daughter, I am not going to go into detail as what happened is a very close personal thing within family. I was hurt by words but my daughters heart was devastated.(she is 9) We are praying through it, and we have chosen not to be mad at the persons that hurt her, instead we will be doing battle against the forces of darkness. Not in a weird way, but through prayer, through putting on the full armor of God, through resisting the devil and commanding him to leave where ever we are or go. Through speaking blessings instead of curses over the lives of the ones that hurt us.
no matter how you believe words are a very powerful tool, even in the secular public school system, as a teacher we are taught that our words carry a lot of weight, what we say can make or break a person.
So for today and for ICL week I wanted to just put up a quick post that allowed a small glimmer of what is going on in our lives and I will talk more about it in the days to come.
I pray that as you read this your heart will be full of peace and joy and may the King of Kings make Himself known to you.
Disclaimer: This blog was intended for me to have a place to get out what happens in life and for this chapter in my life this blog will likely be taking a turn into the spirit realm for awhile.

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  1. Hi from ICLW! I will be praying for you and your family!