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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Power of the Test

Wow, so much in life has happened! I have not blogged in awhile, but I wanted to update this as much for myself as for you.

I had a lap procedure done in June for Endometriosis, after that we decided to not be careful in getting pregnant. Well a couple of months rolled by, and the pain started to come back, this was early September, I was struggling making the decision to call the doctor and tell him to schedule me for the hysterectomy. I certainly do not want one. I love being pregnant, I love having kids and its a sad hard choice to make. I had to consider that I have a 2 year old boy who I love and adore and chasing after him and being wild is a huge part of my life, and I can't participate in "wild times" with him if I am hurting so badly. Not to mention it makes me really grumpy. So while I am crying, seeking counsel of my dearest ladies and praying and wondering what to do, mid-September rolls around and I get this:

Yes, it's upside down, I can't get it sideways........ but it says that beautiful word "pregnant" on it.
We are due June 18, 2015. So far everything looks good and wonderful!
This test has been life changing, a gift from the Creator, I have to giggle at people who raise their eyebrows at "number 3?!" Yes that's right, 3 kids, no we aren't getting a minivan, well not yet anyway..... it is odd that our culture thinks 3 children is a crazy amount....... I think its just more tiny people to love, my heart is full and I can't think of any other way I would rather it being.
I am already starting to "pop" and I love that tiny bump so much already, I am back on daily Lovenox shots for my clotting issues, and praying desperately that God protects this little piece of the love my hubby and I share that I carry inside of my womb.

UPDATE! This pee stick turned into a beautiful 2yo VBAC baby!


  1. Hi there. I am here for ICLW and I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful news! Wishing you a joyful holiday season! Jackie

  2. Hi! I'm from ICLW too! Congratulations! That's fabulous news! Just in time for the Holidays too!!

  3. Visiting from ICLW. Such great news! Congrats!