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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My baby girl

My little tiny 4lb 6oz baby girl...... will be 7 tomorrow.  Wow! Time flies!
It seems like just yesterday I was so scared waiting for my momma to get to the hospital (and my ex too who was busy getting a cheeseburger) so they could start my C-Section. I was shaking and so scared something terrible would happen to my precious little girl. During a NST the nurse got her heart beat at 90 when it had normally been 155. The nurse freaked out! And called the doc who said "lets have a baby now"! Well by time the doctor got there her heart was back to 155, I really think the nurse heard the pulse of my placenta but it is what it is......

At 1pm exactly on July 15th 2004 at 34.5 weeks preggo, my little girl breathed the breath of life, her pediatrician was there, and the first thing he said about her was "SHES PEEING ON ME" Hehe!! She was so healthy and beautiful. A perfect precious healthy little pink bundle of joy. I didn't know my life had changed forever. But it had. It was no longer my own, my life and heart now belonged to this tiny little person staring up at me.

As the years have gone by my love for her has grown with such intensity, I can't physically stand it sometimes. She is my joy, my love, and the apple of mine and Jeffs eyes. We adore her and I praise Jesus every day for her. Of course it would be another 18 months before she met Jeff, her daddy, but he fell so in love with her too. Our family is so full of love and laughter because of this one little girl that decided against all odds, (birth control, and my blood clotting, car accident) she would be born.

My sweet little blessing from the Lord or most high King. She has been dedicated, given back to our Father in heaven and I know he looks down on her with such pride and such love, surrounding her with safety and gifts to serve and love others thats surpass any I have EVER seen. She is our special little love bug.

Happy birthday tomorrow my precious little baby girl.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Your post made me smile and think of my little girl in heaven. I can't wait to feel that way when I get to bring one of my babies home and watch them grow! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  2. I cannot wait for you to feel that way either. I know that God is sending you a precious baby very soon and that he is holding your baby girl tightly to Him right now (with my angel babies!!)