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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Alright, so I had my laparoscopy surgery last Friday, I want to tell you all about my pre-op experience, then the surgery and then the recovery (I am still in that phase). So this will be broken into a few posts.
My OBGYN does the surgery via a laser and he performs the surgeries at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. An amazing place, I swear everyone that works there has to go to charm school.

I went in the week before to do all my pre-op paperwork and blood work. When I drove up I was stunned! It is a HUGE tall building, a beautiful one really. I walked in and told the guest services where I was going, they pointed the way and I went and checked in. When I checked in the lady was so polite and happy I thought, wow shes awesome!
Then I was ushered into a small office to do paperwork, that lady was all smiles and super polite as well. It was all my pleasure, thank you, wonderful, and just so amazing.  Once done with paperwork the lady walked me across the first floor to another waiting area, she left me in the care of the ladies in that area, who again were amazingly polite. I don't think anything could have made these ladies scowl. Then I was ushered to the back nursing area, the nurse came in and asked me a thousand questions, each with a smile on her face and utter sweetness.
The lab ladies came in to take blood, there were two of them, they were so concerned about hurting me, once the blood was drawn the were all "did that hurt, are you okay, was it to bad?" very very concerned really, it was touching, blood draws don't bother me anymore, I feel like I have had thousands while trying to get pregnant and being preggers.
I was then told when I come for surgery valet parking is free and they are not allowed to accept tips...wwwhhhaa?? COOL! And that my family would have a lovely waiting room area while I was in surgery, they would be given a case number on arrival and could watch the screen to follow my progress before, during and after surgery. Really neat!
Anyway, boring I am sure, but I was so impressed with the service, politeness, procedures and everything I had to talk about it! They have step by step processes that flow so nicely and are spectacular! I wish every hospital had that sort of amazing niceness and procedures!  I didn't feel lost at all, and was made very comfortable and felt like MY needs were important, I was a human, not just a number and paycheck. Lovely!!

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