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Friday, September 13, 2013

Be Thankful

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

How many times in this one week have I said thank you to my husband for doing something for me? How many times have I given him an INTENTIONAL thank you and not just an auto response? ONCE.  Yes you read that correctly. ONCE. I feel ashamed. 
Tuesday evening rolled around and my husband unloaded the dishwasher and did the supper dishes. It occurred to me to say thank you, I actually struggled with that. 

My internal battle began to rage: "why should I say thank you for something that is a normal chore that he SHOULD help with anyways?" "Be kind and thankful"  "well he never says thank you when I've made the supper AND done the dishes", BE KIND AND THANKFUL". Around and around I went with my inner self.  

So I decided to tell him thank you, as I walked into the kitchen, I felt really self conscious, almost stupid that I was about to say thank you. But there I went feeling like an idiot, and I said "babe thank you for doing the dishes!!" I kissed his arm and bounced off to scoop up the baby. I am not sure how he felt about the thank you just yet, but once I said it I know I felt more peaceful, and I felt like I was recognizing my husband and honoring him. Baby steps. I don't want to take him for granted anymore. Life gets so busy, and I lose focus on the little things. And in reality it is the little things that matter. 
My husband is an amazing wonderful man, he goes to great lengths to serve us, his family. He is the first to volunteer when others need help, he quietly and humbly does everything asked of him day in and day out. Yet I only thank him intentionally once in a week time span? Harsh reality. 

Why should I say thank you? I began to ponder this, I love when someone appreciates the little things I do, I don't live for thanks and appreciation, but I sure do like it when my daughter says "thank you mommy for dinner! It was soooo yummy!" Every once in awhile she verbally appreciates the fact that I made her dinner, a routine daily thing, and it makes me feel 10 feet tall. Isn't that what I am called to do for my husband? Help him to feel 10 feet tall and successful in all that he does? Am I not called to be his helper and his right arm? I AM the one who can lift him way up and also the one that can make him feel so small. Do I want a husband who feels small? A husband who I MYSELF made him to feel so small? It is true that with God in us we KNOW we are not small, but human nature does exist and if the one we have pledged our lives here on earth to, tears us apart, neglects us, takes us for granted or overlooks us, then we begin to feel small. My husband is the other half to my heart, do I really want that heart to become broken and small? Or do I want it to be mighty and strong, held in the hands of God? I'd prefer mighty and strong. 

I pledge to be more thankful, everyday I will find at least one thing to say thank you for. I will make my husband my priority in all that I do, second only to My Lord God. 

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