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Friday, September 13, 2013

Wash the car, the Laundry can Wait!

Often times after we have been married to someone for awhile women tend to forget to be attractive to their husbands, we forget to flirt, to be sexy if you will. I am guilty of this. On the weekends I do loads and loads of laundry,  I will run around in sweats, yoga pants, tank tops with snot and oatmeal smeared on them and so on. At nap time I might take a shower but then again I might fold the laundry and clean the toilets while the baby snoozes. More then likely it will be the latter. I spend time making a big meal for the afternoon, I pull my hair in a ponytail and go outside to play. I forget what sexy even is! Men are visual creatures, including my man!
He likes to look at me, although I haven't really paid attention to whether or not I am attractive to look at when I am at home. I take time to do my hair, put on something nicer looking and at least put some mascara on when I leave the house because I might see strangers, students, or co-workers in the week or at the local Target. Ummm isn't my hubby WAY more important then those people? YES! A thousand times yes! Should I HAVE to look nice for him? NO, he should love me the way I am, but should I want to please him? OH YES! I do!! So I wore clothes instead of sweats for the most of this weekend, put a bit of makeup on, and I even did my hair!! My hubby def let me know I was attractive! Which of course made me feel good!
 The funny part for me though, I decided on Saturday that I would wash the car, I pulled my hair up, put on some capris and flip flops, parked the baby in the stroller and washed the car. Little did I know that my husband was paying attention and found that attractive. (I found that out later) Maybe I am not as glamorous as a perfect bodied woman in the movies washing a car, but HELLO my hubby likes watching ME wash the car. All kinds of wonderful feelings come from that. So I write this just to say, if you want to feel a bit attractive to your hubby today, put on a cute but comfy outfit, stick a little mascara on your lashes, and go wash the car! Your reward will be great! ;-)
Pleasing our men in a visual way is an important part of marriage, and I hope to become better at, I will never be a super model or a heavily made up woman, its not who I am nor is it what my hubby needs. But I can strive to be healthy, dress better, take a shower and maybe even make a point to shave my legs during nap time, the laundry CAN wait.

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  1. Your post makes me smile. So true, but oh so much harder to put into practice! After two years of wearing nursing bras I finally made a point to go out, get my babes re-sized and invest in a new bra. What a difference it makes! Even if I am the only one who knows, i feel sexy knowing what I am wearing under my clothes. I really think it is that confidence that men can sense and that they find most attractive. I know that Mr Fox prefers me to be braless (visually), but I also know that he senses when I am feeling sexy. It can be so hard to remember to take time for ourselves - as women and wives - after we have kids. But thank you for the reminder that it is oh so important!!!
    Happy ICLW - Foxy