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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Kitchen Floor Needs Mopped

When we date we flirt, we act cute, we dress nice, we bat our eyelashes at our guys, we laugh at jokes, we lean in for the impromptu kiss, we gaze into his eyes, we hang on his every word while smiling and touching his arm. We get married, we have a lot of fun for a few months, and then home life sets in and we have kids and our focus changes. We still love each other dearly, perhaps more than ever before, but our relationship dynamic changes.
No longer am I the hot amazing fun "girl", no longer is he the boy, the knight in shining armor who I can stare at for hours. That is pushed into the background, instead I become the mom with wild hair and half painted toenails, he becomes the dad with a thousand projects half done, trying to get the baby to brush his teeth while listening to the chatter of the older one. 
Sometimes life gets really busy and I become comfortable with my husband, much like I am with an old friend. We have a routine, chores, work, kids, dinner, playtime, bath time, bed time and so on. We work well together, each one of us doing our own part, chatting about our day or the kids. Talking about bills, the house, parents, siblings and so on. It's comfortable and it's nice! Life is really good, we love the busy of it all, the messes the kids make, the endless chatter about the school day and who's friend did what on the playground. We adore it! 
But, something is missing; flirting. I love to flirt with my husband, he is an amazing man, I adore staring at him, (I rarely have time though) I adore gazing into his gorgeous blue eyes and being but a breath away from his lips. I love the butterflies in my belly when he reaches for me. So I decided its time to bring the flirting back! Maybe not every day all day long, family business does after all still need to be conducted, but when I am at the stove cooking there is no reason I cannot skip into the living room where he is entertaining the baby and give him one of those "hit it out of the park, homerun" kind of kisses. There is no reason that when he is bathing the baby I can't sneak in and whisper that I love him into his ear. When he is helping our daughter do things, there is no reason I can't walk up and rub his arm muscles and tell him what an amazing daddy he is and how sexy I find him in that moment. The opportunities are endless!  
What does the kitchen floor have to do with all this? Well, let's just say, once the kids are fast asleep and all that flirting has been done all evening, and you bump into your hubby in the kitchen.....there are places on the floor that you might discover need to be mopped.   Fun being young again!


  1. That's why it's wise to neglect house work for your family. I think our bedroom floor was last totally mopped in 2001. But we have a wonderful family life!

  2. Woo hoo! Love this :) I decided to start doing my hair and makeup "just because". I do it for work and when we go out, but more often than not when we are sitting at home or running errands I look like a hobo. Gotta step it up and do myself up just for him too :)

    1. You go girl!! Sometimes it is hard, especially when we are tired but its nice to feel not so hobo-ish! HA!

  3. so true... I told a girl I work with that once she gets married she will start wearing sweats more often. She didn't believe me. After she was married for a year emailed me and told me I was right...

    Happy ICLW

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  4. This rings so true! Hubby and I have been trying harder lately to make things more special and happen more often. I know I'm quite guilty of just not trying lately, but I have made up my mind to try harder.
    Did the floor ever get mopped? ;)

    Happy ICLW!

  5. Hi from ICLW!

    I love this post. It's all so true. Hubby and I are aware we need to do stuff like this more. We talk about it and then it falls by the wayside again. Thanks for the reminder to try harder!

  6. Hi from ICLW..marriage def sets a routine

  7. LOL Heather! The floor did get mopped, especially after all the fun it saw!