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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


C'mon sweet betas rise! I have been wishing this all day! My HCG (beta) levels are going up nicely doubling every 30-36 hours which is good since normal is 48-72 hours! Today is the true test though, my levels should be over 1000, hopefully at least 1282 today. Then we can schedule my first ultrasound! I keep praying this little jingle bell sticks! C'mon grow baby grow!

The lab knows me by name I have been there so much to watch betas rise, fall, rise, fall and now rise again. I walk in and they say HEY JEN! C'mon back, I hardly even have to wait anymore. They just get me in and out... I look like I do drugs my poor arms are like pincushions now!

Update! Beta is in and GREAT!!

DPO Beta Doubling time from previous test
9 6 (none)
13 84 25.21 hrs
15 241 31.57 hrs
17 641 34.01 hrs
20 2498 36.69 hrs

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