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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The MEAN lady

 I was at the grocery store and waiting in line. This lady was in front of me, she put her food on the belt, then it was almost her turn to pay so I put my food on. No problems yet.
Then this lady behind me eating chips shoves in front of me, between the lady in front and myself and starts piling her food in the belt and says "I'm gonna share your space if you dont mind" while she rubs her nasty self all over me, I can't back up cause she has her cart in my ass with a kid in it. I said "actually ma'am I do mind, I don't like to share space so I'll stand here and move up when that lady does".
 She goes back to her cart and grabs a jar of pickles which she then shoves in front of me AGAIN and places on the belt, I look at her and say as sweet as I can "ma'am you're gonna give me a panic attack." She says "move over to the right then". I turn and look at her in tears now (I know I am an idiot)  and say "ma'am I'm next in line, I will stand here, just wait a minute PLEASE". I turn back around the lady in front is like omg I'm bawling and the checker moves that ladies stuff outta the way and I move up. Then lady behind me pushes her cart to the side/front of me, hitting me in the leg with it. I don't say a word I just bawl and try very hard not to throw her damn pickles on the floor. I pay and leave. WTF?! Anyone want to claim her?


  1. Wow. That's just awful! I wish that the cashier would have called the manager or security for you.

    I hope your leg is ok!

  2. Next me. Please. I'm stressed due to school so I've been needing a reason to go postal lately. xoxo

  3. Man. your much nicer than I am. I would have been all over her. Politely of course, but I wouldn't have backed down. Next time. Stand your ground an be insistent. ( snarky if you have too )

  4. I agree with Brie! I would have jumped her shit for sure! What a major bitch!