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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovenox THE SHOT it's all for love

Ok so you ladies that do injections regularly will laugh at me! But here is my story!

Yesterday at 2:45pm I left work and drove to the OBs office to pick up my HCG slip saying I was preggers, there I found out my HCG went up to an 84 from a 6! WWWAAAYYY more then doubling! SO that was fantastic news! Then on to the hematologists office for a 3:15 appointment, my husband met me there and we waited for our appt, the clock ticked by to 3:30, we waited, 4pm came and went and still we waited, 4:15....waiting still....4:20 we were called back. The doctor came in glanced at my labs, had me tell my MC history to a new doctor and the wrote me a script for lovenox, 40mg once a day, a needle about the size of a diabetic insulin needle. After all that waiting, thats it, nothing else, no shot training or anything, she said I could come back for training the next day if I wanted to. But I need to start the shots tonight, how does that add up?! HA!
So I leave and go to CVS and they have 12 shots in stock thankfully,then I find out my insurance bluecross will only pay for 30 shots in 77 days, where the heck does that math come from!? So the wonderful pharmacy calls the ins company and if the doc fills out a certain form I should be able to get every dose I need! My co-pay is currently $100 for 30 days, so not to bad considering its $1274.00 for 30 days without ins. YIKES!
Sooooo for the the fun part! I get home with my precious package of blood thinners that will help my baby to stay alive. I haven't had training so I watch youtube videos to learn what to do. I have my hubby get one out, God bless him he is sooo afraid of needles! He gets it open for me and then I decide I better do it myself in case he is ever out of town and I need to do it. So I lay on the bed with the injection and put the needle by my skin and ............ ten minutes later I am in the same position, working up the nerve to stick a very sharp object into my tummy. I finally suck it up, remind myself this is for my baby and while sweating in ways and places no girl should ever sweat I let my breath out and slowly stick the needle in my belly. Wait IT DIDN'T HURT! Hooray! I slowly start the meds going in, and I am thinking, hmmm everyone said the meds burned, nothing hurts....yeah well about 3 seconds later HOLY FIRE! I continued to push the meds in with my hubby and little girl staring at me, so of course I am not gonna yell I have to be strong ya know! So FINALLY I get all the meds into my belly and pull the needle out slowly, that hurt a bit. When it was over my hubby went in the kitchen to recover as watching me do that made him ill and shaky, my daughter is all excited for tomorrows injection, and I am just beat, that took a lot out of me. After about 3 minutes the burn went away and I felt normal again. Today I have a tiny little red spot where I put the needle in but so far no bruise.
So anyway, thats my story oh what fun, not!! But all for love!


  1. way to go Jen! First injection down...LOL You'll be a pro at it soon. Just ask Anna! :)

    All for a good cause, that's for sure.

  2. Yes this is all for a great cause and your be able to do it with your eyes closed!!

  3. Dear Jen,

    Bravely done! Thank you for commenting, by the way!

    I hope you'll take another look. The continuation of the story is now up. It involves a dog ;-)

    Best always,

  4. Well done! I'm on Lovenox, too. In a few weeks (or days!) the shots will be no big deal at all. You'll be a pro in no time. I'll be following along and hoping you get your take-home baby!

  5. Thank you for the encouragement Annie!
    Alec I am on my way to check it out now!

  6. I just found your blog through LFCA...

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know that you may be hesitant and scared but you're preganct and taking different steps to keep that baby cooking in there for a long, long time.

    I'm a RPL gal too (also with Factor V and MTHFR) It's odd to me how some docs think these are such a big deal and others...not so much!

    I hope the shots are going better. I use ice for about 15 minutes on the spot before hubs "stabs" me. It helps a great deal!

  7. Hi Jen,
    Here from ICLW, Congratulations on Your pregnancy! Very exciting!

    All of these injections are not for the weak. I am super impressed that you are able to give it to yourself. Hy husband did 6 months of FSH injections for MFI, and We just did an IVF cycle. I feel like we are injection PRO's now. I was able to give myself the SubQ injections, but the IM PIO injections are a little too much. I've found that heat really helps with any pain or burning, but I've never used Lovenox.

    Good Luck my dear!