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Monday, April 18, 2011

Boarder Collies - The Furbaby KNOWS

Some say animals can sense when a woman is pregnant, long before she knows or a pee stick picks it up. Well the last 2 miscarriages, our sweet boarder collie has known we were pregnant before we did, and we all know I LOVE peeing on sticks so its hard to know before I do.......ahem. Anyway, when I am pregnant he sticks his nose in my lower belly and then he checks every day. The first time he did it we thought it was WEIRD then the next day I got a BFP! Then the last time he did it again! Its amazing what animals can do, what they can sense, and what they know. So from now on ladies before you whip out your pee sticks grab up your animals and see what they do! :-)

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